Center for Africans Now in America, Inc.

Mission Statement


To provide premier and innovative model programs that integrate multilingual and multicultural health care services for those in need of health care, especially people of color, throughout Minnesota and beyond.


To provide health care services that bring hope, recovery and healing to people we serve in the following areas:  


  • Mental Health Services: screening, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment plan
  • Behavioral Health Support: assessment, diagnosis, and behavior support plan
  • Special Education Services: academic, behavioral, social, emotional support;  student rights monitoring, parental safeguards, IEP implementation; and college and work-ready services
  • Advocacy Training for parents and students
  • Project SAFE: develop an integrated School - Academic - Family -Engagement -Relationship that builds  life-long success for students in schools, homes, and their communities
  • Health care services: home health care, PCA, physical and public health services
  • Housing and Social Justice Support Programs for vulnerable and homeless children, adults, and families

How We Work

We provide client-centered through multicultural, multilingual and cross-cultural  partnership.

We offer client-centered innovative programs, services, and collaborations that bring people together to solve complex mental, physical, and public health issues for families of color.

We hold a commitment to helping families of color build more bridges that meet their needs and enable them to achieve healing, recovery, and hope.

Target Populations

Individuals, Couples, Families and Children of Color

Geographic Areas

Minnesota: Twin Cities Metro, Suburb, and Rural Communities. We provide our services in all seven metro-area counties. 

Measuring Results

Our clients' success stories: Number of clients who obtained credentials, certificates, or a college degree

Client self-reported satisfaction: Our clients submit written and verbal (for non-literate individuals) ratings and reviews of services they receive from us.

Number of clients we served that achieved recovery, self-sufficiency, independent living, daily and on-going functionality as assessed by case workers. 

Our Staff

Our multicultural and multilingual team of staff include Mental Health Clinical Unit - LMFT - specialists, Registered Nurses, Registered Public Health Nurses, Psychologists, Mental Health Practitioners, Public Health Educators, Navigators and Assisters in MNsure , Project Managers, Educators, Tutors, Mentors and Volunteers. 

All our staff are savvy, compassionate, and well-grounded with a commitment to client-centeredness, integrity,  professionalism, and diversity.

Support CANA

 We welcome the opportunity to earn your referral, support, trust, and cross-cultural partnership and relationship. We are committed to delivering the best cross-cultural competency, evidence-based health care, and economic development programs for all we serve.

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