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B.E.A.T. - Behavioral, Emotional, and Autism Treatment Health Care Services


We have several programs catered to provide culturally-sensitive mental health support for our clients. We have two locations where we hold our programming.  


The following are located at both our Burnsville and Crystal locations:


900 West 128th Street, 104

Burnsville, MN 55337




6000 Bass Lake Road, 206

Crystal MN, 55429

 (763) 703-5506



Out-Patient Mental Health Services Crystal/Burnsville

 CANA is a community of color mental health clinic that offers comprehensive mental health services including psychological testing, individual, group, family and couples therapy.


Children/Adolescent Mental Health Person-Centered Intensive Treatment Crystal/Burnsville

 Program that combines educational instruction and therapeutic services for children, youth, and adolescents who are not doing well in traditional schools, face potential for school failure, or have been kicked out of school due to potentially undiagnosed mental health disorders or disabilities.


Truancy Case Management Crystal/Burnsville

Comprehensive family/school-based early intervention service for youth showing early signs of habitual truancy. Students with 6 unexcused absences can be referred through the Hennepin County Attorney's Office.


School-Based Services Crystal/Burnsville

 Student-centered school services to treat excessive truancy, mental health disorders, chemical dependency, and enhance school success through arrays of culturally-responsive support, advocacy, and case management.


Children's Mental Health Case Management  Crystal/Burnsville

 Coordinated with other services and designed to help children and their families obtain and coordinate needed mental health services and other services that focus on improving children’s mental health.


Child and Adolescent Sexual Abuse Counseling  Crystal/Burnsville

Counseling Services for children and adolescents who have been victims of sexual abuse, adolescents who have acted out sexually, and their families.


Divorce Education Crystal/Burnsville

Educational classes for couples who are in the process of divorce or separation. These classes fulfill the State and County mandates for education prior to divorce.


Healthy Families Innovative Intervention Program Crystal/Burnsville

This program assists pregnant parents dealing with multiple challenges from before the birth of their child to the time their child reaches age 4. Through office and in-home visits, we provide help with parenting, access to resources, and guide families to healthy growth and development.


Youth And Adult Diversion (YAAD) Program Crystal/Burnsville

 Juvenile and adult offenders ages 10-40 are referred by Hennepin County for services that can range from restorative justice programming to diversion groups, outpatient therapy, and  anger management programs.


Anger Management Crystal/Burnsville

Identify and become aware of the triggers for your anger. Learn and actively practice new skills to process and resolve issues that cause your anger. Enrich yourself with techniques to better understand and manage your anger, master your emotions, and significantly improve relationships with family members, friends, and co-workers.


Transitional Services for High School Students - Employment/College Bound Crystal/Burnsville

Assists high school students with disabilities with their transitions to real-life high-paying jobs and/or college enrollment. Provides supported-employment services/counseling and assists with college support.



The following is located at only at our Burnsville location:

900 West 128th Street, 104

Burnsville, MN 55337



The Cultural Innovative Disabilities Autism (CIDA) program  Burnsville

The Cultural Innovative Disabilities Autism (CIDA) program provides bi-weekly Saturday training for parents and community members to become leaders in policy-making, advocacy, education and support of people with autism. They work to create innovative community awareness of children's and adults’ autism services in Minnesota.

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