Center for Africans Now in America, Inc.




CANA was established by families from diverse cultural and minority groups in the United States. These families were challenged with how to reform their communities into the kind of villages that will enable their children and grandchildren to grow into able, caring, appreciative, and resilient adults. The families strongly believed that "It Takes A Village To Raise A Responsible Child,” hence, they became very aggressive in building a network of cross-cultural partnerships and village network of supporters from schools, churches, businesses, prisons, colleges, cultural organizations, community-based mental health institutions, and volunteer organizations in order for them and their children to attain life success.  CANA strives to provide programs and services that are client-centered with multicultural and mutilingual cross-cultural partnership and resources and collaboration that support all we serve. 


We have the commitment to helping families of color build stronger and more bridges to access cultural health programs and services that meet their needs and enable them to build hope, healing, and recovery in order to achieve life potential





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